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"I help people heal their deepest inner wounds and help them craft and release their stuck energies or suppressed emotions. I help people find their inner truth and realize that they are more than just a physical being, that they can expand from where they are and help them begin to understand themselves as multidimensional beings and the beauty in profoundly journeying inwards that brings great meaning to their inner truth and purpose in life" 

- Khrey

" The basis of your life is freedom. The purpose of your life is joy"

- Abraham Hicks

Khreystine or who is also known as Khrey was born and raised in the Philippines from the city of Angeles. As a Filipina with a family filled with medical professionals, she was taught that her path to success was to be a Nurse. She studied for 4 years to have a degree in Bachelors of Nursing and things didn't turn out the way she wanted it to be. So many hurdles came along the way for her to finish this chosen career path and one of them was her being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Life has shifted drastically for her. She was yearning for a change, through years of suffering and battling with her disease and obstacles that came along. By the year 2017, she finally surrendered and gave in to releasing the control of her illness and undergone radiation therapy to overcome Grave's Disease. She vowed that day that she'll start prioritizing her health even further by journeying through self love. Approaching her health holistically. Her disease became a tipping point on her journey through holistic healing. She climbed up the ladder one by one as she systematically built her physical, mental, emotional, and most especially her spiritual health. With her perseverance and dedication to growth and healing Universe have paved way tools for her to use in her journey and that led her to dedicate herself to personal development with the intention of unlearning and rewiring her thought patterns that no longer serve her well being, she's on a mission to grow exponentially and heal generational patterns that was inherently passed unto her. Through years of self development she have shape shifted her life with the teachings of different spiritual mentors and law of attraction teachers such as Abraham Hicks, Garbielle Beirnstein, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, and Mastin Kipp. Invested with life coaches that amplified her journey through inner work and shadow work so she can illuminate light through her darkest past.


It didn't take her overnight, but with persistence and grace of the higher source she was then guided by another mentor Sand Symes who's a shamanic practitioner who have helped her use her voice and connect deeper into her inner knowing and ancestral wisdoms. Through her guidance she reawakened her most authentic self that birthed into her very own Podcast that delivers you dose of holistic healing.


Along side this journey, Khrey just kept on saying yes to the Universe as her life unfolds beautifully as she deliberately creates her life and her mission to have this platform is to help people find their most authentic self and provide that safe space for healing to be heard, seen and loved unconditionally that your soul may reconnect to your inner being's fullest potential.


Khrey is a Certified Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner. With this practice not only she can share her voice and story of healing, she can finally perform energy healing to soulful clients and facilitate a journey in empowering them to reach their fullest potential and have that sense of freedom from their old self that is not serving their highest good and to help them heal themselves and their future generations. Most importantly to help them manifest their deepest desire to tuned in, tapped on and turned on to their most authentic self.

Khrey is a life long learner and yearns to deliver the best service as she can. With that being said, she is also a Life Coach or a Heal Coach where she guides people to believe in themselves and break the matrix that they were conditioned to be in and help them to bring their inner knowing to arrive with a substantial solutions for their healing. As a Coach she's able to map out your journey in a very expansive way where it's tailored to your soul's specific needs. She desires for anyone to grow passed their limited beliefs about themselves so they can find their inner purpose in life which is to live in joyous state.

You are limitless and to love yourself is to reach new heights of self understanding to cultivate inner wisdom that can push you through embarking different endeavors that your higher self seeks!


Let's grow and elevate and heal holistically.




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