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Energy in Motion

Transmute your emotional blockages into love. Through medicine of Dance, Reiki healing, Sound Bath Journey and Yoga.

“Where Movement Meets MindFullness

This Event is something that is so special for me. According to Brene Brown's research on Connection with our emotions, the average person can only identify their emotions as Sad, Happy and Anger. Emotions are our guidance to our alignment. Through the work that I have done myself and to so many of my clients, I've seen how important it is to understand and connect with our emotions. Our emotions is our energy in motion, and it is vital for us to allow our energy to keep flowing in order to function in the most aligned and centered way. A lot of us internalize our emotions instead of expressing or trying to understand them, this event is geared towards you finding the connection with your emotions and body and spirit.Allowing your inner child to play and giving yourself permission to be at ease and move without any judgements and restrictions. Regaining your confidence and sense of discernment in tuning in with your mind, body and spirit. Allowing your energy to be transmuted into love through your movement. If you are someone who just like me before who mostly internalize my feelings or don't know how to articulate it through words. This event is for you. You get to understand how your emotions physically translates into your body. And how you can fully embody the frequency of love. Learn to be confident in your own body and empowered with your connection with your divine feminine energy.

Integrating Restorative Yoga Flow, you'll connect with your breath in every movement of your being. Through Reiki we release the emotional blockages that make you feel resistant in letting things go and being able to feel and get in tune with yourself.

Succumb yourself in this container filled with love. It's a safe and non judgemental space for you to immerse yourself to move freely with ease.


In this safe and nurturing environment, we invite you to:

🌱  Let go of tension and stress

👐🏼 Awaken your inner wisdom

💕 Cultivate self-awareness and self-love

Embrace your unique energy and expression

🧘🏻‍♀️ Connect with like-minded individuals

💃 Tap into your divinity

🤗 Invoke  your inner child to play as your creative space

Through a fusion of movement, meditation, reiki, breathwork and play, we’ll guide you into a state of flow, where your body, mind, and spirit align.

Our Promise

✨A safe space to explore and express yourself authentically

✨Expert guidance and support from our experienced facilitators and @holikhrey 

✨A community that embraces your uniqueness and celebrates your growth

✨A journey that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and connected to your inner self!

What to Expect

  • Gratitude Inner Circle

  • Yoga FLow 

  • Energy in Motion Exercises

  • Inner Child Play

  • Group Reiki 

  • Sound bath 

  • Dance with your Soul

  • Journaling Excercises (Worksheets will be sent out a week before the event)

  • Closing Circle


This is for you if you’re:

✨ wanting to release emotional blockage that you can’t articulate through words.

✨ in need to pause your “auto-pilot” daily living and recharge.

✨ finding a safe space to just be without any conformity and center yourself back to your alignment.

✨ retreat and harness inner peace.

✨ feeling empty and wanting to feel soul full again.

✨ you were once called you’re too serious in life and we welcome you to play.

✨ wanting to tap into your divine essence and emotions.

✨ unshackle any self doubt within you.

✨ increase your confidence in showing up in different areas of your life.


By participating in the event, you understand that Holikhrey (Khreystine Musni) is not a medical or physiological professional. She is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical practice. If a situation arises where medical or psychological intervention is needed, Holikhrey (Khreystine Musni) is ethically and legally bound to refer the client to a mental health or medical professional. You also understand that Holikhrey (Khreystine Musni) does not guarantee any outcome in these sessions. However, the more open and receptive you can be to healing, the better. You also understand that with healing sometimes comes a "healing crisis". If this does occur after the session, you will contact Holikhrey (Khreystine Musni) so she can further instruct you on how to move through the purging process your body is going through in order to heal.

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