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What People Say About Holikhrey

Although I have been on my spiritual journey for many years, Reiki is something I seem to have trouble fitting into my schedule. Right before Covid-19 required us to shelter-in-place, I was able to experience Reiki for the first time at a healing event. I thought because of shelter-in-place, Reiki was something I would have to put on hold until it was safe to experience it again. As luck would have it, Khrey introduced me to virtual Reiki after she received training. I went into it with no expectations and an open mind and heart. Khrey is someone that is extremely easy to connect with, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during our session.

I felt as though I was in a yogic sleep (if you've ever tried Yoga Nidra), and I felt warm sensations on my body throughout the session. When I arose, Khrey was very gentle with delivering the message of where she felt my chakras were misaligned. I knew instinctively that she was correct based on my understanding of chakras. It took a few weeks of meditation and self-reflection to reveal what was causing the misalignment. Thanks to Khrey acting as a guiding light, showing me what needed my attention; I am happy to say that once I was able to pinpoint what was wrong. I now feel lighter and back on track. I am so grateful for having Khrey to reach out to when I'm ready for another Reiki Healing session, especially knowing she is a lifelong learner and is continuing to advance her Reiki training!

Delilah Abaya

Let us know how your session went. What are the shifts you have experienced? And what can we learn more about to improve our sessions with you? Thank you for trusting us to work with you! 

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