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Energy Healing

Step into a sanctuary of rejuvenation with my energy healing and Reiki services. Experience a profound balance of mind, body, and spirit as you embark on a healing journey designed to restore vitality and inner peace.

Promoting spiritual growth and awareness through Reiki
Establishing emotional regulation to provide holistic growth and development

Hands-on energy healing service

What is Reiki?

A complimentary therapy, a Japanese word meaning "hands-on healing".


Awaken and align your body with energy healing. It's a holistic approach that is non-religious in nature in healing someone. It is Japanese Kanju for the universal flow of spiritual energy. Learning Reiki from the lineage of Dr. Usui has been a huge shift in my spiritual journey. Reiki Made me understand our life force energy how it affects our alignment and oneness with our vitality. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, it made me see the value of energetic alignment and regulating our nervous system through energy healing.  For years, I accumulated pent-up energies (emotion repression) in my throat that manifested as a chronic illness. With self-healing, self-love, and years of studying the law of attraction, the Universe has led me to different kinds of Holistic Modalities, led and guided by different mentors, and one was Reiki. Through Reiki, I am able to heal myself to fully unravel them. And as I go through this journey I am able to expand this healing to other people with the intention of sending them with so much love from my ancestors and their ancestors. It's a privilege to receive and give such beautiful healing energy. 

"Rei" means Spiritual (Holy, natural spirit, mystery, and gift).

"Ki" means Energy (universal energy or energy in motion, which is feeling). It is a method of Japanese healing and spiritual development. Reiki Healing is a Complimentary Therapy.

Promoting better-flowing and loving energy

What does Reiki do to our body?

Feeling Restless? Do you feel overwhelmed all the time? Anxious and constantly on a fight or flight mode? Feeling scattered? Feeling like you don't have deep sense of discernment on what to do on the next or big changes in your life?


Imagine yourself as a vehicle or a car; it needs maintenance to keep it from functioning smoothly, it needs oil change once or twice in a year same goes with your body, Reiki is a maintenance for your energetic alignment to keep you from functioning in your most optimum level. To replace those energetic blockages that we inherently got through out our childhood or suppressed emotions, past traumas that we've experienced in our lives. Reiki helps you to release them and replace them with a better flowing loving energies, and in return it helps you to make space for an abundance in your life. 

Being a vehicle that needs maintenance, if worn out and not paid attention these imbalances manifest as a physical ailments. Our energies are meant to be flowing. When you hold your stress mostly in your heart or chest, you get chest pain. When we hold our stress in our stomach, we mostly get pain. 

We as human have 7 Primary energy centers, each with its own set of organs relations. And these energetic centers are supposedly meant to remain spinning and flowing so we can function properly on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. when someone has blockages on any of these energetic centers it can potentially manifest as illnesses within our body. Reiki aids to release these blockages to keep the energetic center flowing or spinning in an aligned way making it harmonious for all the different aspects of the body.

The purpose of the treatment is to relieve stress, pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages and accelerate natural healing.

Allowing more authenticity in your life through energy healing


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You can get a free workbook that will show you ways and tools on how to sustainably heal yourself through self-love.

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