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This journal is geared towards helping you realign your energetic state. Allows you to feel your emotions with direction that anchors you down to the power of your intention. 30 days of daily accountabality that builds self trust and alignment with your inner being.


Learn how to hold space for yourself with intentional living.


Be accountable of your own intentions and follow through with your in-spirited actions in alignment with your emotions.


Our emotion is the guidance to our alignment with love and when we consistently root ourselves from how want to set the tone of our day that’s where the quantum change happens!


According to Brene Brown’s Research on Connection our emotions should always be on the driver’s seat! Dolores Cannon said Everything is energy, once you learn how to manipulate your energy, you'll be able to create a reality that is in alignment with abundance and love. 


Emotions are energy in motion, and this journal will help you practice that sense of attunement within your own internal needs. That you can absolutely shift your energetic state.


I hope this journal serves you!



Inner Being Journal


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