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Ego vs Intuition


Embrace your inner wisdom and become discern in trusting your intuition and work with your ego with ease. This is a previous master class where you'll learn to trust your intuition, recognize ego's influence, and make decisions that align with your highest self. In this immersive experience, we'll explore the differences between intuition and ego, and how to develop a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. Through a combination of teachings, embodiment practices, and energy healing, you'll gain the tools and confidence to: - Develop a stronger intuition and inner guidance - Recognize and overcome ego's limiting beliefs and patterns - Make decisions that align with your values and purpose - Embody authenticity and live a more empowered life This master class includes: - Interactive teachings and discussions - Meditation and energy healing (from previous masterclass You will still feel the energy just sit in and meditate and create space for yourself.)

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